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Best Of The Carolinas, Vol. 1 - A Spotify Playlist


People keep telling you that there's a lot of great hip-hop music coming out of North Carolina (or at least, this site keeps telling you), but you don't know where to start. Or, you're not trying to read an article every time you want to check out a new song. How's this for a solution: a regularly updated Spotify playlist, featuring the best new music from the Carolinas, plus oldies and lesser-known tracks worth digging back up. Because taking pride in corporate soda and fast food brands is fine (not naming names), but taking pride in good music is better. 

Without further ado, enjoy "Best Of The Carolinas, Vol. 1," a 20-track playlist featuring J. Cole, Ace Henderson & Treee City, Phonte, Kooley High, Median, Diamond Miller, and many more. 

Click this link to open Spotify and subscribe to the playlist. 

Ryan Cocca is editor and lead playlist-maker at Super Empty. He can be reached at, on Twitter @youaintryan, and by cute, snarky postcard.