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Talking Immaculate Taste With Co-Founder Alec Lomami (SE. Show 19)


On the latest episode of The Super Empty Show, Immaculate Taste's Alec Lomami sits down to talk about building a label in North Carolina, how the IT team made connections with writers and curators, and much more.

Over the past five years, no NC hip-hop label not named Jamla Records has been more successful in reaching an audience than the Chapel Hill-via-Charlotte crew Immaculate Taste. Started out of necessity when brothers Alec Lomami and Mike Tambashe (along with cousin Leroy Shingu, now better known as the rapper Well$) wanted to pursue music and didn’t know any business-minded friends to help them run it, IT has gone on to earn its flagship artists Well$ and Angelo Mota major looks, from press coverage, to music festivals, to Spotify playlists. With Angelo’s new record, When All Is Said And Done, hot off the presses, label co-founder Alec joined us on the pod to talk about networking in New York, booking Well$’ first show (opening for G-Eazy) while he was in South Africa, the shift of tastemaking from blogs to playlists, and more. We also talk with Alec about the new 9th Wonder x Drake mashup album by DJ Critical Hype called More 9th that has been making the rounds on hip-hop Twitter over the past few days, and Justin gets more than a little excited for the upcoming 9th Wonder & Black Thought album.


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